Kosher lunch for business owners: Pay for supervision only by activity

Kosher lunch in favor of business owners in light of the economic crisis. In light of declining activity and difficulties in the restaurant, food, and hospitality business, they presented a kosher lunch for companies under the supervision of a payment scheme that will allow them to adjust their payments to find a new one to meet.

A recent letter to the port for restaurant owners set out a single framework for all business owners under kosher supervision and stated, among other things, that “a company that closes will calculate a relative payment until the closing day. Although closed, it will not be charged at all.” It was also said that restaurant owners who have switched to the part-time activity will be able to choose between a relative hourly rate and a monthly payment according to the lower of the two.

At the same time, in Kashmir Tzohar, Chamal was opened to monitor the restaurant owners ’report to provide an immediate response and, if necessary, adjust the system to the requirements that will arise from the area, amid changes in restaurant and hotel owners.

Most training supervisors are employed directly by the business owner, which creates a problematic reality in which the supervisor depends on the satisfaction of the business owner paying him or her salary. On the other hand, business owners faced the need that now arose to take supervisors to the Knesset and place them in an awkward and problematic reality. In Kashrut Tzohar, on the other hand, there are no direct working relationships between Kashrut supervisors and companies providing supervision services.

The Kashrut Tzohar system states that “thanks to the severance of the Mashgiach-Mashgiach relationship, Mashgiachs employs Kashrut Tzohar and not business owners facing crown difficulties. We have a careful and cautious ear for the changes business owners are facing these days and are working to provide solutions that take into account their needs. ”


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