Hebrew Sabbath: Listen to the Israeli classics chosen by Hemi Rodner

A whole generation of Israelis grew up along with the famous and beloved voice of Hemi Rodner. Through 35 years of making music, Rodner has reached all possible stages – including the lead singer of the band ‘Where’s the Boy?’ And later as a freelance singer and creator.

“Where’s the boy?” Founded in 1986, many of us were exposed to the band when it broke into Israeli rock in 1993, with the release of their debut album “Sugar Time”. Hits from it, such as “Through What I’m Going Through” and “Falling Strongly”, were constantly heard on the radio – and are being released to this day. Rodner blew the wind in a band that has released five albums over the years – the last of which was three and a half years ago.

At the same time he produced albums and composed songs for other artists, started his own solo career, and there were many hits: “Redemption”, “Say goodbye”, “My beloved melancholy”, “Secret of simple things” and “Great song” – some of the great hits Rodner, known to almost every Israeli who loves music.

In recent months, Hami Rodner’s voice has been heard in a different context: with serious damage to artists throughout the Corona crisis, he has openly said he intends to stop paying taxes to the state. “The assurance is that I pay the state an hour of crisis,” he said in an interview with 103FM, “and the government is violating its civil contract.”

Rodner will celebrate his 56th birthday this month. “I still feel like a kid and I don’t think I’m the only one,” Iris Cole said at 103fm just over a year ago. There’s no doubt that music can’t be stopped, and you can get to know Rodner’s musical elements better in a podcast he hosted as part of the ‘Artists Editing Shabbat Hebrew’ project, exclusive to 103fm digital.

And what about the list of songs he chose for us? From all the best: from Gevatron, through the Nahal Band and the Central Belt, to Nurit Galron, Arik Einstein, Yehudit Ravitz and Beehive. A list of songs that will make you very happy on Simchat Torah – and whenever you read these lines.

List of songs selected by Hemi Rodner:

  • Ariel Zilber – Sun, Sun.
  • Suburbs – dream of the sun
  • Tuned sound – white days
  • Gevatron – colored box
  • Tzila Dagan – Stars in a Bucket
  • Central Command – Man of the Valley
  • Arik Einstein – Don Quixote
  • Gali Atari – end of season
  • Judith Ravitz – The Silk Road
  • Gidi Gov – prey
  • Shalom Hanoch – brings everything
  • Hava Alberstein – I’ll talk to you
  • Roosters – one lantern
  • Yossi Banai – out of love
  • Hedva and David – I dream of Naomi
  • Nurit Galron – almost good
  • The Dudas – A ballad about long and short hair
  • Nahal Band – Holding Nahal in Sinai
  • Daphne Armoni and the band – crashed on Saturday
  • Hive – nice

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