Hebrew Sabbath: Listen to the Hebrew classics chosen by Ben Artzi

Ben Artzi has proven that he is not only ‘his son’, but is in himself a talented singer, songwriter and writer, with four albums and dozens of singles in which he has participated as a writer, composer and arranger. how to say? The apple did not fall far from the tree. Artzi agreed to hold for us a wonderful lesson full of fine Hebrew music, which influenced his music world the most.

Ben Artzi released his first album ‘Life of Myself’ in 1998, and in just two months he achieved platinum status. It should be noted that he wrote and composed all the songs on the national album, and even arranged most of them. Among the songs on the album, the song ’17’ stood out, which he performed together with his father Shlom Artzi. The song deals with Artzi’s departure from high school and the 40-year crisis his father experienced. In light of meteorological success and songs, including ‘Zero’, ‘I Probably Loved You’ and ‘My Life’, Artzi was named “Discovery of the Year” at the annual parade of the Hebrew Choir Network C.

It was three years before he released his second album in 2001 – ‘What Happened’. And in this album Artzi is responsible for writing and composing all the songs and the album was arranged together with Tal Segev. He dedicated the song ‘Song to Little Brother’ to his brother Jonathan, but unfortunately the album did not achieve as much success as the debut album. Six years have passed, and in 2007 he released his third album ‘Carousel’. His fourth album was launched in 2017 under the title ‘Her Son’s Heart in Omkolar’, in which Artzi wrote and composed and arranged all the songs.

And in the last year Artzi has released several songs for radio stations. He testifies to himself that he writes, composes, produces and plays the songs he performs and sends them out into the world. “I’m constantly writing and recording songs and I want to say goodbye to all sorts of unnecessary bans,” he wrote next to one of the songs he released last year, adding: Much or little. “Even at the height of the Corona period, last April, he released a song for the radio called‘ Monte Cristo ’, and in an interview for 103fm he testified that he enjoyed the house with the children.

This week, Ben Artzi joined a wonderful list of performers who agreed to our request to select their favorite songs, “Shabbat Hebrew,” as part of the “Artists Editing Shabbat Hebrew” project, exclusive to digital 103fm. In the montage, we bring here you can hear the best artists of Hebrew music, including of course Father Shlom. Also on the list: Nurit Galron, Gidi Gov, Hava Alberstein, Ber Sharabi, Haim Moshe, and Gali Atari. Enjoy listening!

List of songs selected by Ben Artzi:

  • It’s here again – Yoni Rechter
  • Me and Simon and little Moise – Yossi Banai
  • What a start – Shlomo Artzi
  • Nueva – Shlomo Gronich
  • This is how nature created you – Erez Halevi
  • What will be on our end – Nurit Galron
  • It’s been a long time – Oshik Levy
  • White days – intentional sound
  • It’s out there somewhere – Gidi Gov.
  • We’ll talk to you – Hava Alberstein
  • Good word – Yehudit Ravitz
  • Faces and names – Danny Robes
  • I’m fine – Boaz Sharabi
  • All vows – Haim Moshe
  • End of season – Gali Atari
  • My second childhood – Matti Caspi
  • A song about a parrot Yossi – Arik Einstein
  • On the day of the bombing – Rami Kleinstein
  • Suffice it to say – David Broza
  • You remember the song – Hanan Yuval

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