Corona in Ultra-Orthodox Society: Medical Staff in a Special Letter

A group of ultra-Orthodox medical and rescue workers today (Friday) appealed to the entire ultra-Orthodox public – to adhere to all health guidelines, against the background of a continuous increase in the number of patients with corona, as well as the number of patients from the ultra-Orthodox sector.

In a letter distributed to the entire ultra-Orthodox community, through tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox graduates of the KMH Foundation (Haredi Professional Advancement) program, signed by a group of doctors, nurses and medical students, they describe the impossible daily struggle in hospital wards and warn “on them”.

Letter from ultra-orthodox medical experts (Photo: None)

They described the letter as an “emergency cry”, describing in detail their abrasive work in the fight against the virus. “Because those who meet daily with patients and the tragic stories of Corona victims for half a year, including many of our benefits from the ultra-Orthodox public, feel like it’s time to shout and pray: Enough!” “We see an urgent need to strengthen the highest values ​​of the sanctity of life and the duty to preserve the soul and health. The contempt and cynicism that prevails among sections of the ultra-Orthodox public, there is no entry into the corona wards. Only pain, suffering, sorrow, and grief enter here.”.

With a request from their colleagues, graduates of the KMH Foundation, to help convey the message to families and communities in the ultra-Orthodox community, they add a special invitation to ultra-Orthodox to come and strengthen the medical forces in Israel. “Saving the life and helping Kuala Israel in times of need is an integral part of“ A much more dear public of which we are a part, can and should join us in the sacrament, ”they explained.

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A patient from Corona arrested at a checkpoint in the north. Photo: police spokeswoman

Moti Feldstein, executive director of the KMH Foundation, added that “out of an understanding of the economic needs of the ultra-Orthodox public on the one hand and a duty to inspire the public to adhere to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Israel’s greats, our graduates are involved in corona wards.

According to him, this is an authentic cry that comes from the ultra-Orthodox public, by doctors and rescuers, who deal with a terrible disease on a daily basis and testify to what is happening in ultra-Orthodox communities. “It is our public responsibility to convey the words of ultra-Orthodox doctors to the general public in the hope that these things will have an effect and help reduce morbidity in the entire Israeli public,” he concluded.


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