Corona: 800 new immigrants have arrived in Israel since the closure of Rosh Hashanah

Despite the restrictions – the increase continues: Despite high morbidity numbers, a flight from Georgia operated by the Jewish Agency and the Friendship Foundation landed in Israel yesterday. There were 72 excited immigrants on the plane who fulfilled their dream of moving to live in Israel.

Since the start of the closure, which took effect on New Year’s Eve, more than 800 immigrants from 25 countries have arrived in Israel in accordance with professional guidelines. Absorption server Pnina Temanu Sheta Citing the data, she said the ministry he heads will continue to work on the absorption of immigrants: “We expect significant waves of immigration in 2021, so a broad national plan for immigration and absorption has been formulated and will be submitted to the government soon.”

New immigrants on a flight from Georgia (Photo: Olivia Fitoussi)
Immigrants on a flight from Georgia (Photo: Olivia Fitoussi)Immigrants on a flight from Georgia (Photo: Olivia Fitoussi)
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President of the Jewish Agency Yitzhak Herzog He also commented on the data and said that even in the shadow of the crown, the increase continues. “The agency is working to bring immigrants under global constraints. We are helping them fulfill the Zionist dream under strict guidelines,” Herzog said.

President of the Friendship Foundation Yael Eckstein She said that despite the challenging period, Israel is not closing its doors to new immigrants. “Even now, faced with the challenges of the Crown, we continue to act and bring to Israel immigrants from all over the world who know that the state of Israel will soon prevail and return to itself,” Eckstein said.

Israelis at Ben Gurion Airport the day before the closing of Credit Avshalom Shashoni


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